Thursday, January 5, 2012

the wedding band

The other day I was watching videos of my brother's band on Youtube, and I happened to come upon this lovely video of the band playing at my own wedding reception--a video that I didn't even know existed on the internet. I was happy that I could finally share some footage from, perhaps, the most magical night of my life...

"my dream of a wedding that I didn't even know I had came true"--Jacob

It really was an amazing night. One i would like to relive, if i could--the music, the dancing, the friends, all of it. 

Sky is probably the best little brother in the world for putting all those songs together with the band. The live music really added a lot of magic to the atmosphere. My favorite part is when he breaks into singing "at last." It seriously gives me the chills. He reluctantly agreed to sing that song, though he thought he didn't have enough "soul" to sing a legendary etta james anthem like that. But i thought he pulled it off magnificently. Etta would have been proud.

the band's set-list was as follows:

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leean robinson said...

I agree. Your brother is very talented and I enjoyed seeing and hearing this video. I loved the selection of songs, too.