Saturday, May 25, 2013

2 weeks

Rose at one week.

This little girl hit two weeks yesterday, and she is already growing and changing so much! 
Slow down, baby!

Caring for a newborn has been so much different than I expected. Okay. It really is as exhausting as everyone says it is. That was a big "duh" for me. Still, I didn't expect our tiny baby to be so animated, interactive, and strong. She already has a little mind and personality of her own. I look at her now and I hardly see a newborn anymore. I just see a tiny person who is becoming more and more a part of the world around her every day. A tiny person that I love.


Amber Marie said...

it's true, they change so much in those first weeks. it seems like at about 6 months you see another change too. at least I did. motherhood is a whole new world!!

Jordyn said...

Ahhhhh!! She is so adorable!

Brendan, Dana, Hazel & Hattie said...

Congrats! She is so cute! Hopefully you're getting more sleep than me. I'm exhausted most days. I would love to hear how your labor went. Did you end up doing it naturally?

Alison Arntsen said...

so cute!! the first few weeks are totally survival mode. it gets less exhausting.