Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Graduate

I guess while I'm sitting around waiting for my baby to get here, I should probably announce that this guy graduated. Take a fine look at my handsome-mechanical-scholar-genius. By "mechanical" I just mean that he graduated with his Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering. He's not, like, a robot or anything like that. He just likes to make robots.

i love a man in a robe :)

graduation BBQ + campfire with some fellow graduating friends.

Tinkering with his graduation present... TOOLS!

You should've seen him and his friends going crazy over putting this tool set together when I gave it to him. Party games? Activities? In a crowd of engineers, there's no need. Just give them a tool set to assemble and they are so so happy.

the man of the hour!

and the parents came for the big day too!

As Jacob's graduation was approaching, I started to feel bad. I began to feel like maybe all of his academic accomplishment this past year has been somewhat overshadowed. It seems like everything these past 9-and-a-half months has been all about me and Baby. Meanwhile, he has been working hard and doing incredible things in his classes and research. He has achieved so muchof course, while taking care of his very needy pregnant woman + unborn babe, taking his most challenging course-load ever, doing research, working on grad school applications, serving in church callings, etc.

If I ever had to trade places with him, I'm sure I couldn't do it so gracefully. But like the champ he is, he just acts like it's nuthin. I'm in constant awe of his love, service, and dedication in everything he does. And I confess, it's pretty good to be married to someone like that.

Congrats, my love!


Amber Marie said...

Congrads Jacob! I wish I were half as smart as you.

leean robinson said...

I know he could not done as well as he has this past year without you by his side. I don't think wives realize enough just how much they mean to their husbands. And I know that Jacob is totally in love and over the moon with his wife and is willing to tackle just about anything as long as you are by his side. So thanks for loving my mechanical engineering son and helping him achieve such great things.