Monday, July 8, 2013

4th of July

Since we are away from family and basically all the friends we have made out here were on vacation visiting their families for the holidaywe were basically on our own for the Fourth of July. But that didn't keep us from having a great time, just the three of us. If anything, it's times like these that have really solidified the reality of our little nuclear family unit. Jacob, Holli, and Rose. We are three.

For the holiday we checked out some of the festivities that were happening at a nearby park in the neighborhood, and then we headed to the big celebration in Round Rock (just outside of Austin). We weren't sure how Rose would hold up outdoors for most of the day, but thankfully it wasn't too hot and she did great!

We watched a ventriloquist under this tent. 

BBQ picnic. yummmm. Rose is just chillin on the blanket.
So we bought this blanket at Goodwill to use outdoors for picnics and such. Are you seeing the face of a dog in the threadwork? Yes, the blanket is a giant picture of a golden retriever with the name "Mia" embroidered at the top. I think we will have to keep this blanket so we can get a golden retriever someday and name her "Mia." So perfect.

This would've been a great picture if Rose hadn't started to spit up right when Jacob took the shot. Too funny not to post.

Jacob showing her the animals at the petting zoo. Rose is unimpressed.

We found a nice shady spot near the lake to hang out for the evening. Rose napped peacefully in her stroller.

a whole parade of skydivers came soaring over us, and landed right in the park!

DAD IS SO FUNNY!!! *scary smile face*

Me and Rose... oh and Mia.

The fireworks show was great. The park coordinated their showed with the show going on at a nearby baseball stadium. So basically there were fireworks shooting off on both sides of us--over the lake and from the baseball stadium. And to make it even better, there was a live orchestra playing patriotic tunes through it all. Rose seemed pretty dazzled by it all...

until, of course, she fell asleep...

She was pretty tuckered out after a long day of festivities.

Great day to be an American.
Great day to be a family.


Kimberly said...

Holli you three are so beautiful!! Rose is just perfect and you are such a gorgeous mama

travis said...

Loved getting caught up with all that has been going on. Looks like you all had a nice 4th. Rose is growing so quickly. Thanks for continuing to post pics. We love seeing how she changes as gets older. And I love all your commentary. And this is Mama Robinson not Travis (just looked who was signed it.)

Anna Jay said...

"Jacob showing her the animals at the petting zoo. Rose is unimpressed."

Bahaha HOLLI I love love love your take on raising children. You are still carrying that momma glow. And Jacob too. Can't wait to meet that little bundle when you two come back.

I would comment on every post you make. But I'll refrain. Love to you both. Hope you're enjoying the southern heat. Xx