Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rose Photo Dump

So here's a little photo catch-up with our Rosie baby...

Jacob and Rose on Father's Day. Her face is so funny!

Jacob soothing/rocking Rose in her carseat before we leave for church. This is a sight I see often, and it always makes me laugh.

Rose loves to play on her quilt... except for tummy time. She hates tummy time.

Yup! We gave her a bath in the sink. She's obviously not sure how she feels about this.

I always find her like this when she wakes up!

That HUGE smile makes my heart explode.

I should probably just call this the Rose-Baby-Spam Blog from now on, but this is pretty much what my life looks like these days! Lots and lots of hanging out with our baby girl.

Anyway, here's a few updates...

Still loving it here in Austin. I bought a delicious horchata at the grocery store on Saturday. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to grocery shop without a horchata from now on.

WOW. Austin is HOT. I mean, I'm from Arizona, so nothing I can't handle. I'm just not used to being somewhere that feels like AZ, but isn't AZ. Have to admit that I'm missing the Provo summer weather just a bit, although there's a lot of complaining on facebook from my Utah friends about temperatures in the triple digits. I guess the grass ain't much greener after all.

Even with the crazy heat, there have been some nice days with a cool breeze. Today was one of those days, and so I decided to take Rose for a stroll in a nearby park. There are some really great trails around here, so it was great to get out of our tiny apartment and enjoy nature.

Rose is growing up so much! Lately she has really been finding her voice, and it's adorable. When she's in a good mood, she babbles and makes all kinds of cute noises. When she's upset, she makes some whiny sounds that are pretty funny. Sometimes when I'm preoccupied with something and not giving her my full attention, she'll sort of yap at me like "HEY! What are you doing that is more important than adoring me, huh!?!"

Oh yeah. Mine and Jacob's new favorite hobby? Narrating everything Rose says, thinks, and feels. Trust me, we are hilariouuusssss.

As she gets more expressive, we are seeing a little personality come out, and it's pretty funny. She's sweet, but she's definitely got some sass in her. If I could could compare her to a movie character, it would have to be R2D2 from Star Wars. Yes, he's a cute little droid, but he's sassy and obstinatein a way that's endearing. He also can't speak English and communicates with a series of robotic squeals and melodic noises. Thinking this could lead to a creative Halloween costume for Rose come October...

Speaking of movies, we took Rose with us to see Man of Steel. My mom said that my dad and her used to do that sort of thing all the time with us when we were babies, and Jacob had really been looking forward to seeing the new Superman movie, so I decided what the heck!? Let's try it out! I knew full well that this could end up being a catastrophe (Rose falls apart really fast when she's fussy), but thankfully she slept most of the movie. When she did start to get a little fussy, I just took her out and watched the movie from the hallway as I paced around with her in my arms until she fell asleep again. SUCCESS!

We like to call Rose our little "toot bug" because, oh boy, this little girl is gassy! There have been some incidents at church when I dearly hoped that the people around us knew that those noises came from her and not us! Still, it's hard to believe a tiny baby could produce such powerful... yeah, you know. F-A-R-T-S. There, I spelled it.

Jacob is loving his internship, and they are working him hard! Recently, they've been incredibly busy with project deadlines, and my man has been working some late nights. But hey, I can't complain. Overtime pay makes it all better.

We have been consuming a lot of ice cream lately. Two wordsBLUE BELL. A Texas delicacy.

Now that I've started talking about foodwe found some awesome Mexican food at Chuy's Panaderia. This place is the REAL DEAL. I mean, Tex-Mex is great and all, but sometimes I need me some authentic Mexican grub. We were starting to get a little nervous because we weren't seeing the "Beto's-esque" restaurants that you seen all over Utah and Arizona, which qualifies as a "need" for Holli and Jacob. No worries though. This place was more than I could ever ask for. Tortas + Quesadilla al pastor + Watermelon juice. Ummm... heck yes. Oh yeah, and the restaurant is attached to a big, Mexican bakery. Next time I'll have to pick up a churro on my way out.

To answer the question that everyone asks new parentswe are getting pretty decent sleep these days. Rose is a champion night sleeper. I usually only have to get up once to feed her, and she goes right back to sleep. Last night she slept for almost eight straight hours. I was blown away. Of course, in exchange for a great night's sleep, she keeps me busy all day long! Yeah... she's not the greatest napper. Working on this. Let me know if you have any tips in this area. I'm finding out more and more that this mom stuff takes some serious skillz.

Okay, those are the updates! Now ya'll are all caught up with us.

Am I allowed to say ya'll?


Jordyn said...

Love the baby spam!!! Rose is so adorable!

Amy said...

Ohh my gosh. I love infant expressions.

I'm glad you all are liking Austin! Is it more humid there than AZ? Because humidity makes a huge difference in how miserable it feels outside. We got pastor from a little Mexican grocery store for Father's Day and it was soo good.

Alison Arntsen said...

she is the best!!! QUESADILLA AL PASTOR??! What! Dream come true!

Whitney said...

You guys are the cutest little parents! I love how smitten Jacob is in all the pictures! I can't believe rose is getting so big and i haven't even seen her yet! You should take a trip to AZ! All that over time pay could cover it! I miss you and I'm so glad your loving being a mama, it is the best!

Jordan Clive said...

You talk about food like you're still pregnant :)

Aleisha said...

you guys made a darn cute baby