Friday, July 12, 2013

Two Months

Two days ago my little cherub hit the two-month mark!

Here's a few little Rose updates:

It is so easy to get this little girl to smile. Even when she is grumpy, you can get her to grin if you are persistent. I almost do it as an experiment nowpick random moments and see if I can make her smile. I am usually about 98% successful. She's just a happy baby, she can't help it!

She wasn't before, but I think she has become pretty fond of bath time. I am always soaked by the end because she loves to kick her her feet and splash the water everywhere.

She loves it when we use the snot sucker (that bulb-nasal-aspirator-thing) on her! Sometimes she'll even be crying, but as soon as we start sucking her boogers out with that thingshe's all smiles. It's kinda hilarious.

Oh yeah, Jacob gave her a patriotic tattoo for the 4th. Classy parents, right?

Jacob and I have made goals to work out more. The other night I thought it would be fun to go to the park and run. Of course, this is a little tricky when you have an infant, especially when she's a little fussy and not digging the stroller. We ended up taking turns running laps around the park and handing Rose off like a batonexcept the person with the baton gets to rest while the other runs. Babies force you to get creative.

Yesterday we were invited to accompany the sister missionaries at a discussion with an investigator from Nigeria. Rose, of course, came along with us. Already a missionary!

I feel like she is finally getting into a consistent rhythm during the day of eat-time/wake-time/nap-time, and it's made life sooo much better. It just helps me know what to expect and meet her needs. Planning my day and what I want to get done has also gotten easier.

she's getting better at holding her head up on her own.

She continues to impress us with her nightly sleep. The last two nights, she slept for NINE HOURS STRAIGHT. New Record! Keep it up, Rosie!

She hasn't started laughing yet (not when she's awake, anywaytotally laughs in her sleep!), but sometimes it seems like she is getting close. Every once in awhile she'll make a noise that sounds like the beginning of a laugh. When I laugh, she sometimes makes this funny face that looks like a person who doesn't get a joke, but is tempted to laugh along anyway.

She's already wearing a lot of her 3-month clothes, and it's been fun dressing her up in some new stuff. Still, I think she looks the cutest when she's just lounging around in her diaper...

It's been a wonderful two months watching her grow. 
This little girl makes us laugh every day!

On a completely unrelated note, I found a gecko in our bathroom the other day! It freaked me out because I had a nightmare about lizards literally the night before! Okay I know geckos are harmless, but has anyone seen that episode of Fatal Attractions when that guy gets eaten by his pet lizards? Lizards can be scary. Nuff said.


Jordyn said...

She is such a perfect mix of you and Jacob! Ah I love her!

Chitney said...

So i can't believe you let your daughter get a tattoo! OMG!

Love her! miss you!

Emmett Katherine said...

they are so fun at this age! My little one loves her bath too and I often end up soaked from her kicking and splashing!