Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rose LOLs!

On Sunday Rose laughed for the first time! It was such a happy moment. I'm so glad me and Jacob were both there to witness it. Here's some video we got while she was still in her slaphappy mood...

She doesn't do a full-on laugh in this one, but it's pretty hilarious watching her react to Jacob. DAD IS SO FUNNY!

I think Jacob was a little embarrassed when he heard himself on the videos. He asked if I could edit out all his dorky dad noises and gibberish. Sorry hun, no can do! As dorky as he sounds, it's kinda precious right? He has already transformed so perfectly into a dorky dad that will do anything to make his baby girl laugh. And look at her! She loves it!

oh yeah, and this is basically the soundtrack to my life whenever these two are together.

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Amy said...

it's really hard to decide who is my favorite in these videos--rose, or jacob. SO CUTE.