Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Anniversary Road Trip: SANTA MONICA BEACH

On our last day in Southern California, we hit the lovely Santa Monica Beach. We literally spent our ENTIRE day here. Swimming, sunbathing, picnicking, reading, exploring the pier, riding the Ferris wheel, watching the sunset etc, etc, etc. We got a pretty dang sunburned, but it was worth it. Beach fun always trumps beach problems.

My grandma is the best grandma and packed us a lunch for our beach picnic. Lots of sandwiches, cherries, granola bars, and rootbeer.


What?!? Jacob is TOO TALL to ride??? How sad.

view from the ferris wheel

Riding the ferris wheel. I could've stayed on that thing all day.

We hit up Bubba Gump's for dinner on the pier. I want those shoes!

the coconut shrimp was Yum-o.

these things were so fun!

Orangutan arms

who doesn't enjoy that silhouette?

It was pretty much a perfect end to a perfect day.
We love each other and stuff.


Amber Marie said...

And stuff? :) Looks like a really beautiful day and fun trip. Coconut shrimp sounds super yum!

leean robinson said...

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing the end of your trip. You guys make such a cute couple. You are perfect for each other. And lets hear it for your grandma- how thoughtful to make such a great lunch for you two!