Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sweet Child O Mine (1992)

Some of my friends have expressed a desire to know what I was like as a kid. Well, this is the absolute best I can give you. It's 1992. Holli, age 4, obediently does everything her teenage sister tells her in order to create this fantastic music video with clunky analog camcorder + Walkman cassette player. Kinda long, but I think the end is rewarding. By all means, enjoy.


0:02 - Mosquito bites, man.

0:36 - You have to understand (as I am doing those painful cartwheels) that this is San Felipe, Mexico in July. It is probably, like, over 100 degrees. That sand is burning hot. There is a reason that I look like I'm about to die from heat exhaustion.

1:54 - A face that could break your heart, right?

2:04 - You can hear Jheri telling me to "walk." I'm not very good at following directions, obviously. And so she proceeds to kick me in the butt, launching me into my "cute walk" that she taught me.

2:36 - One-handed air guitar. Ain't no thang.

3:52 - I tell Jheri that she has the camera upside down. Of course, I didn't realize this was part of her artistic vision.

4:50 - I don't know. I must think it's still the "where do we go?" part. I couldn't really hear the music through any of this.

5:25 - Just call me Axel from now on.

6:07 - "was that GOOD?!"


Chitney said...

hahahahahaha! I like the part when your in the hammock! I'm glad Jheri had such an artistic vision! And Yes little Holli, that was good!

Jordyn said...

Seriously obsessed with this. aahhh

Brendan and Dana said...

This was hilarious!! I can't believe you did all that at 4. I know Hazel wouldn't cooperate. What were you doing in Mexico?

Mackenzie said...

Oh my lords name in vain i can't believe how amazing this video is. Jheri is a genius.

live and myrn said...

this is arguably the best thing i've ever seen. i love it so much.