Thursday, September 27, 2012

Family Videos

So if you couldn't tell from the last post, I'm kinda in the process of doing a digitization project of my family's home videos. Maybe these will only be amusing/hilarious to members of my fam, but I thought I'd share a few more gems that I've come across.

This one is just priceless. I just LOVE watching my cool older siblings acting like complete dorks.

And here we have another music video shot by Jheri in San Felipe, Mexcio. The serious tone of this piece makes me die laughing. I particularly love the part when Jheri climbs on top of my grandma's van and wistfully stares off into the distance in her cyndi lauper-inspired jumper. Other appearances in this clip include Tricia, Lolita (our lil' amiga), TJ, Grandpa Ferrin, baby Mason, Grandma Ferrin, Me (very briefly), and Great-grandpa Butler.

Okay. As cheesy as this isand it is REALLY cheesy it does bring back so many memories of San Felipe and those magic summers of my childhood. San Felipe is one of those places that I know I'll probably never visit again in my lifetime, and if I did, it wouldn't be the same. Great-grandpa's cliff-side trailer-shack-thing (I don't even know what to call it) overlooking the beach no longer stands. All I've got is the memories and these exceptional family films.

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TJ said...

@ 1:06 That is my "I hate you" face. It probably springs up again but I have opened another tab.