Wednesday, April 11, 2012

backyard time

The utah weather is still psyching me out from time to time, but I'm pretty sure spring is here to stay. I mean, look at the gorgeous Saturday we hadhalf of which was spent in the backyard. Happy times for me and the boy.

shish kabobs grillin on the baby grill.

We decided to bbq, but we just couldn't decide what to bbq. so many options! Then I recalled this short period in my 12-year-old life when I used to say that shish kabobs were my favorite food, and that was it! There was no turning back. We bought a bunch of veggies and skewers and made our own marinade for the chicken, an exotic concoction of asian salad dressing, bbq sauce, and whatever other suitable spices/seasonings we found in the cupboard. I boast, it was delicious. I forecast many bbqs this summer. We're gonna need a bigger grill.

jakey built a firepit, and was very pleased with his work. 

kissy + glow worm face.

Then a girl did what she had to doshe roasted her peeps.

the peeps don't stand a chance

carmelized peep

I must say that roasted peeps are kind of amazing. The sugar melts and caramelizes, creating a crunchy sweet outer-peep and completely gooey, delicious innards. Jacob and I decided this would be a new traditionroasting peeps on Easter eve.


Aleisha said...

roasted peeps? yum!

leean robinson said...

I hope that fire pit is not against some city ordinance to have in the backyard. Just tell Jacob not to burn down the house, please :)