Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Jacob's day off

Jacob had one day of freedom before he started his spring term classes. And what did he decide to do with that day? Play Zelda on N64. All I know is that the 15 year-old inside of him is happy.


After playing some tennis for FHE, I could sense that the ocarina of time was calling him back to Hyrule. I told him that if he could come up with a really good way to tie Zelda into the the gospel, I would let him play the rest of the night. He gave it some thought, and then gave me a five-minute lesson comparing the legend of Zelda and the Triforce to the gospel.

I would recap, but honestly, it was much too deep and complicated for a general audience. Let's just say I was impressed, and Link beat the water temple that night.


leean robinson said...

Perhaps I should say "sorry" for sending the cords to that game system? I'm glad he had some down time to enjoy a day of video gaming.

Anna Jay said...

Love this. I'm brought back to early elementary days when getting through the water temple was more important than my 5 assigned basic math problems.