Wednesday, April 4, 2012

breakup song lover

Is it sad to wish that I had experienced more breakups in my life so that I could relate to more breakup songs? I mean, breakup songs are undeniably some of the best songs out there. Unfortunately, Jacob and I just had this great dating experience and never broke upnot even once. Everyone knows that no relationship is serious unless you break up at least once. Even Oscar Wilde said it.
Okay. just kidding. I know mine and Jacob’s relationship is legit even though we never broke up while dating. But really, all I have is one lousy high school break up? How did I cheat myself the catharsis of evoking so many bittersweet feelings every time I listen to a great record??
Maybe this is why I listen to so much oldies. It’s all love and bliss. I can relate to thatwhich isn’t such a bad thing, I guess.  

Here's a folksy little heart-breaker of a tune that has been floating around my head lately. The lyrics cut me deep to the heart's corefor reasons that make no sense in the history of my love life.

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Aleisha said...

I say all the time how I am sad that breakup songs no longer apply to me! I love breakup songs.