Monday, April 16, 2012


For Jacob's 23rd birthday, (in honor of Michael Jordan) he decided that he wanted to get some AIR. 
That meant one thingTUMBLE GYM.

Jacob kills it on the trapeze. I have to admit that this one scared me.

the brent + kali show


Holli bloopers

I failed pretty hard at getting a cool jumping shot, but I had a lot of fun throwing some flips and passes. It has probably been years since I've executed a back-handspring on a tumble track, so I was a little nervous that my skills would be rusty (and they were). But here is the proof that I can still tumble:

+ crash landing


Jacob didn't believe that he could learn to do a back-handspring, but he didn't know that for my 7th grade paper I wrote an expository essay on how to do a back-handspring. In other words, I'm a pro instructor and I learned him good.

the tumble gym gang

After the tumble gym, more friends joined the party at our house for cake, ice cream and a backyard bbq.

mini pool time

wes + jamie

Want to know a secret? I totally forgot to put oil the birthday cake. FAIL!!
But it still tasted super good thanks to the fact that it was drenched in sweetened condensed milk and caramel.
Everybody loved itor at least they said so.

Jacob makes his birthday wish

I'd say it was a pretty perfect 23rd birthday. We got the jersey. We got the AIR. We got hot dogs. We got the SPACE JAM. We got the friends and the good times.

We got the happy birthday for my honey.


Amber Marie said...

ok, i am super impressed by your tumbling skills holli! i'm even more impressed that you taught jacob so fast. he looked like a pro. what a fun party. wish we could have been there to celebrate! and ryan would have LOVEd to go to a tumble place like that.

travis said...

I didn't realize all the skills you have, Holli. Wow!! and teaching Jacob to do that back flip was impressive. We will have to take Travis and Josh there the next time and you can coach them into doing some flips. Thanks for giving our son such a fabulous B-day. You are such a great wife! Oh, I just noticed that i am signed in as Travis, but its Mom.