Thursday, July 12, 2012


This show was everything I had been dreaming ofwell, besides the crappy venue + annoying people standing by us the whole timeKimbra was INCREDIBLE live. I love the way she just feels the music and goes absolutely crazy on stage. Her vocals were just plain awesome. I only wish she could've performed more than six songs (she was the first opener). As soon as her set ended, I was already thinking about seeing her again in October for her headlining tour. Can't wait.

The best song, by far, was "Plain Gold Ring." But these were probably my other two favorites. Thank you random Youtuber for posting these from the show...

I love the second verse when she starts getting crazy with her voice.

So glad she played this version of the song!!

We stayed for most of the other bands. Mayer Hawthorne was actually really fun. He was wearing a red tuxedo and had choreography with his guitarists, which was fun to watch. His music was something like a mix between Motown and Hall and Oatesand when they broke into "Make My Dreams Come True," it was just perfect.

Foster the People probably would've been cool, but by the time they got on stage there were so many people there that it was kinda hard to enjoy. Like way too many hot, sweaty bodies packed into one giant room. I had no idea they were so HUGE. I guess everybody knows "Pumped up Kicks," right? Anyway, we waited until Kimbra came on stage to perform "Warrior" and then we headed home.

It was a great show, but seriously. October can't come soon enough. I NEED TO SEE HER AGAIN!!!

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