Friday, July 20, 2012

Success Stories

Some of my success stories from my internship with LDS Employment Resource Services have finally been published on! I had a great experience talking with these people and writing their stories, and so I couldn't be more thrilled that they are finally being shared with the world.

THIS ARTICLE is about a refugee from Angola who started his own business in Johannesburg with the help of the Self-Employment Workshop offered by ERS.

THIS ARTICLE is about a student in Vancouver, British Columbia who used the skills he learned in the Career Workshop to get through a rigorous interview process for pharmacy school.

I have to say, after talking to so many people about their experiences with ERS and the workshops, I have a firm testimony that if we utilize the resources that have been generously provided for us, miracles can happen. Boom. 

Hopefully there will be more success stories published in the near future!


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