Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rexburg Getaway

Last weekend, Jacob and I decided to take a somewhat spontaneous weekend getaway to Rexburg, Idaho. Because really, when you need to escape the bubble that is Provo, Utah, what better place to go than an even smaller, miniature version of that very bubble??

Okay. We had a few good reasons for going to Rexburg. One of them was to visit some friends we have up there that attend BYU-Idaho. Unfortunately, Jacob and I couldn't stay with them because they are students, and that would be against the BYU-I honor code and stuff. We also didn't want to pay for a hotel. So that led us to one option. FREE CAMPING at a little park called Beaverdickyes, it is really called that.

We witnessed some serious wildfires as we drove up to Idaho. So insane.

The park was right outside of Rexburg, and to be honest, it wasn't the coolest place I have ever camped. But we found a shady, secluded little nook that was perfect for us to set up camp. Plus, it had a secret path right to the river!

Jacob setting up our tent-dwelling for the weekend.

(picture taken by a log)

And then we made food! We brought our little gas grill and BBQed some hotdogs. Good stuff. I think I ate a good 3 or 4 of them.

hot dogs

hotdogs are especially good when stuffed with potato chips.

That night we met up with my friend Kari, who showed us around all the new buildings and cool stuff at BYU-Idaho. Holy crap! It is so fancy! I have to admit that I was a bit jealous. When I was a student there, I had to put up with all the annoying construction, but never got to enjoy the end result. They seriously have a miniature conference center. How is that fair?!?!

Anyway, we hung out, got some fro-yo, and headed back to camp for bed. We got all warm and snug in our sleeping bags and peacefully drifted off to sleep... until we awoke to the frightening noise of WILD ANIMALS FIGHTING RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR TENT!!!

Seriously guys. It was scary. It kinda sounded like cats fighting except even louder and more ferocious... and possibly larger animals. We still have no idea what it was. Raccoons? Coyotes? Heffalumps? Woozles?

I think we both had a hard time falling asleep after that, but we managed to get enough rest for the adventures ahead of us. Stay tuned.


Anna Jay said...

Love your face in the last photo! Impromptu camping/hot dogs are the greatest!

Amber Marie said...

of course byu-i has a mini conference center. and that is because byu-i is WAYYYYY cooler than stinkin provo!