Tuesday, July 3, 2012


So after writing this post, I kinda became obsessed with this song...

And oh what joy and serendipity when I discovered that I actually had this track in my iTunes all these years without even knowing it! It was totally on my Essential Michael Jackson album this whole time!!! I had no idea (until recently) that this song was even released as a single on Bad (1988).

I kinda always thought of this song as more of the cheesey Captain EO outro that would more likely have been designated to the "Unessential Michael Jackson" album that I secretly had a guilty pleasure for. And I still do think that to an extent.

But is any Michael Jackson guilty pleasure really that guilty?

I legitimately enjoy this song.  Not just because it primarily deals with a rag-tag group of space cadets on a mission to to reveal the key to an evil queen's beauty through the uniting power of song and dance. I love the bass line. The funky synths. The smooth vocal melody over the top. I would honestly love to hear more songs that sound like this. Maybe sung by someone cool like Kimbra or Janelle Monae.

In other news, poor Jacob complained that he had this song stuck in his headeven while we were in the templebecause I literally played it non-stop in the car all weekend.


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