Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yellowstone + Jackson

It had been almost two years since our last trip to Yellowstone while we were dating, and Jacob and I both felt like the land of geysers and buffalo was calling us back for a visit. This time, however, we made a point to explore the sights that we missed last time. I particularly wanted to see the scenic canyon and waterfalls. I had been to Yellowstone twice beforeseen geysers and animals galoreyet never made it to the canyon, which happens to be featured on about 98% of the postcards in the gift shops.

The canyon became our mission. But we enjoyed plenty of stops along the way.

Artists' paint pots

We found a nice little beach along the Gibbon River, and decided to take a dip. This actually was the best idea, and was kind of a turning point in our day. It was incredibly hot and we were pretty dang tired (especially with those wild animals keeping us up all night), but the river did just the trick. We felt cool and refreshed and energized. Just what the doctor ordered.

I look like such a bum in this pic

Ironically, I bought this tee shirt in Yellowstone 2 years ago before we started dating.


Finally! After years of wonder and piningthere was the CANYON! 
And it was absolutely stunning. 

view of the canyon from the lower falls
upper falls hovering in the pines

scared holli overlooking giant, powerful waterfall

serene holli overlooking beautiful, majestic waterfall

this bison had an itchy head

This was my first time seeing grizzly bears in Yellowstone, which I was incredibly happy aboutespecially since we didn't make a trip to Bear World this year. They were pretty far away, but there they were. Three Yellowstone grizzlies!

the three bears!!

So we were about to head back to Rexburg for the evening, but we literally pulled over, made a swift decision, and turned our car around to head to Jackson, Wyoming. It was a very good decision.

This was our view all the way to Jackson. warmed my heart.

Jacob did a great job of navigating.

We took a beautiful drive through the south side of the park. Beautiful views of lakes and mountain ranges.

we decided that this view needs to be on the label of a water bottle or something.

I really wish we could've spent more time in Jackson. This is probably the cutest little town ever.

We went to a place called Bubba's for dinner. And wow. This is exactly what I needed.  I don't know what it is about this part of the country that makes me so carnivorous, but all I wanted to eat was some good ol' bbq ribs. And lots of them. Bubba's did me right.

oh yes.

It was a pretty epic day. By the time we got back to Rexburg we were EXHAUSTED, which honestly helped me sleep through the night. The fear of being attacked by ferocious woozles in our camp had not yet subsided.

It was lovely seeing all the sights, but I think my favorite part of the whole trip was just the fun I had with Jacob. Playing in the river. Watching him almost get swept away by the current after I dared him to swim under a log. Having a good laugh over that. Narrating all the animals thoughts. Jacob pushing me up the hiking trails because my legs were so sore from doing p90x two days before. Dumb idea. Thinking up our very own horror movie set in Yellowstone that involves people falling into geysers and turning into zombies. And zombie bears. Yep. Making the spontaneous detour to Jackson and stuffing our faces with bbq goodness.

I would love to relive this day.


Afton LeSueur said...

That looks so fun! And you look awesome in every picture.

Amber Marie said...

what gorgeous pictures! i love california but that idaho/wyoming area has some spectacular sights. i'm glad those grizzlies look really far away!