Monday, November 26, 2012

Bump Ahead

Behold, the progression of "the bump."

I wanted to wear that black dress to church one more time before I would have to retire it for the rest of my pregnancy. It's pretty slim-fitting, and when Jacob saw me wearing it, he immediately gushed, "HONEY! YOU LOOK PREGNANT!!!" I caught a side-glimpse of myself in the mirror and realized, "wow! I do look pregnant." It finally happened.

At first, I was little reluctant to do the side-profile "bump" picbut after a few requests and thinking about how I might regret it one day, I decided to whip out the camera and pose. But I'm not promising to be consistent with this. If the third tri-monster pics become too demoralizing, I may gracefully abandon this practice.

p.s. I'm actually 18 weeks today. Kinda feels like a landmark. I'm loving the 2nd trimester "honeymoon phase." I feel great. Pretty normal, actually. Although after a game of tennis on Saturday, I found out that I'm not nearly as agile as I used to be. [ball flies past me] Oh no... there it goes... ummm... shoot... *huff.* And seriously, I think I pulled something when I tried to serve "the heater." Sorry Jacob. Not quite the competitive game you were hoping for.

But really, I'm loving my belly. I was so happy yesterday when a friend (who is also pregnant, but a few months ahead of me) told me my bump was finally showing. I chuckle inside every time I see someone's eyes drift down to my mid-section when we are having a conversation. Hey guys! I'm up HERE!!! I think Baby Robinson is beginning a growth spurt in there. I even think I felt her kick last night. At this point it's hard to know what's her and what's indigestion... but then I felt another one. :D!


Alison Arntsen said...

you are so prettyyyyyyyy

Whitney said...

OMG Your so adorable!