Monday, November 12, 2012


Three great moments from the weekend:
  1. Winning a FREE tub of Triple Brownie ice cream via raffle drawing at Smith's. Turns out, I'm lucky stuff. 
  2. Holding a $600 yorkie pup at a pet store we found in Orem that has real live puppies in the store! I FELL IN LOVE. Wishful thinking so hard right now.
  3. Major car-dancing sesh to the above song when it magically played on the radio. I wonder how my dance moves will evolve when I have a beach ball-sized bellyshould get pretty sexy.
shake it down shake it down shake it down shake it down now...


Amber Marie said...

We use to be frequent pet store visitors. Then the grandparents got a dog. I was always so shocked at the cost of those puppies! You WON ice cream?! That isv awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

leean robinson said...

Have I mentioned that Dad & I saw the Commodores in concert up in SLC many, many years ago. We LOVED it!! I love this song, although I'm not sure the message is all that great. But the music part just makes you want to get and move.

Brittany LeSueur said...

And now I am singing in my head. I replied to your comment on my blog but I don't know if it notifies you so I will respond here too. The unsweetened chocolate is just a giant candy bar like thing in the baking isle. I didn't know either! So hopefully that helps