Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Provo's Fall Colors

We had to get out and enjoy these beautiful Fall colors before they disappear foreverwell, until next year. Luckily, Jordan and Fan invited us for a little outing in Rock Canyon.

unattractive-leaf-throwing pic proves how much i love fall.

You'll notice that the pictures begin with us as a group, and then end with mostly... well, me (Jacob was keeper of the camera). This was about a month ago, when very few knew our secret about Baby Robinson. We were all planning on hiking up to an old mine in the canyon, but let's just say this hike was a little more long and strenuous than we were expecting (and not the safest trail either)especially for the secretly-12-weeks-pregnant girl.

I found myself huffing and puffing, trailing behind the others. I kept making the excuse that I was a little "woozy," which I was. Finally, Jordan turned around and asked me point-blank, "Holli, are you pregnant???"

Well, we couldn't LIE to them! They were excited to hear the news. Still, Jacob and I decided that we should probably turn back. Guess it's time to start recognizing my limits. I'm a freakin sacred vessel!

Regardless of my inability to make it to the mine, it was a lovely time playing out in Provo's Fall beauty. And though I wasn't prepared to be discovered so candidly, it felt really good letting a few more friends in on our lil' secret. And now that EVERYONE knows. Well, it's pretty awesome.


Jordyn said...

HOLLI YOU ARE SO PRETTY. Plus cool outfit. Plus cool fetus.

Chitney said...

I will forever miss the fall colors in Utah! Chad made me hike the Y when I was 20 weeks (or so) It took a VERY long time! lets see that Baby BUMP!

Anna Jay said...

hahahaha HOLLI.

"I'm a freakin sacred vessel!"

Hahaha seriously. Best line. I'm so excited for you. Way cool mom already.

kate said...

Um, I think this outfit is better than 99% of what I see on fashion blogs, so there.