Monday, November 19, 2012

Mixed Feelings: SNOW

Snow is pretty.

Especially the first heavy snow that falls each year. Waning Fall in Provo suddenly turns into "Christmastown." It is white, quiet, and all the little families are sledding in the park. I get to wear my rubber boots, flannel, eat some warm noodle-stew (pho, actually), and sleep with an extra micro-plush blanket. All things Holli loves.

But snow can also cause a giant tree branch to fall on the power lines, ripping the power mast from the house. This causes high-voltage lines to hang in your backyard (DANGEROUS!), which then causes the City to turn off your power and not plug you back in until you fix your power mast and replace the meter. In other words, no power for the weekend. NO LIGHT. NO HEAT. NO INTERNETS! Ouch.

A few good things did come out of this. 
  1. A really nice family that Jacob knows from Stockton (and just happened to be in town) let us stay in their lovely homelarge basement with big TV all to ourselves. 
  2. We justified eating out a few times, because hey! We couldn't cook anything! 
  3. After we got sick of eating out, aforementioned  "nice family" feeds us delicious home-cooked meal. Plus, they had a HUGE jar of Swedish Fish. Couldn't say no.
  4. A very nice electrician named "Art" worked ALL DAY in the nasty weather to fix our situation before our friends from Rexburg arrived to stay the night with us. He was a champ. 
  5. Realized how lame we are when it comes to "emergency preparedness." Seriously, only one baby flashlight?? We will fix this.
  6. A deeply remembered appreciation of electricity and THIS SONG.


leean robinson said...

Good friends are the BEST. Glad they could help you two out and glad the house is nice and warm again.

Amber Marie said...

A jar of Swedish fish? I'm gonna have to get me one of those!! So glad you guys got some heat and internet. We too have been reassessing our emergency stuff since "the storm". I guess these experiences are good for us to realize what we need for a true emergency.