Friday, October 28, 2011


You guys--I lost Cloudz, my neck pillow. I am super devastated. Commuting almost 100 miles every day on the bus, it's almost unbearable to live without. No one loved a neck pillow like I loved that neck pillow! It's disappearance is still unexplained. As I got out of my car I can still remember seeing it safely attached to my purse. I ran to catch my 6:30 am ride, and right as the bus pulled up, i looked down at my purse and Cloudz was gone.

I had a choice in that moment. I could retrace my steps to find Cloudz/miss my bus OR I could get on the bus, hoping that Cloudz would be somewhere near my car when I got back in the afternoon. I have since regretted my decision of getting on that bus. I even had Jacob go search for it before school, but it was too late. Cloudz had vanished.

I haven't given up hope yet. I am guessing my precious neck pillow is now in the hands of a jogger who needed a makeshift sweat towel, selfish BYU student, or a hobo. If it's the third option, I'm out of luck. But if it's the first two, I'm counting on the honest people of Provo to return the pillow to the BYU Lost and Found and get Cloudz back on my neck, where it belongs.

I know what you're thinking--get a new neck pillow. But seriously, all other neck pillows look like crap compared to Cloudz-- the spandex bottom, the soft microplush top, the snug little button in the front, the thousands of polystyrene beads on the inside that conformed to every sleep position imaginable on a bus! Cloudz was PERFECT.

To be realistic, Cloudz could be anywhere by now. I mean, what if that hobo hitch-hiked to LA?? *Huff!* Still not giving up. Please let me know if you've seen my dear neck pillow.

disclaimer: this post is kind of a joke, but also kind of serious. If you rode the 801 Express every day, you would understand.


Afton LeSueur said...

I'm in LA, so I keep my eyes open.

LeSueurs said...

Ha ha it's kinda funny cause your neck pillow looks like my nursing pillow. Glad to see you guys are wearing the married life very well. You guys are adorable!