Tuesday, October 18, 2011

really though.

Why did i think it was a good idea to wear green tights today? It seemed so hip and fashionable at 5 in the morning. Now i have green legs all day. Why do i have these tights anyway? *cough-thoughtless-london-fashion-purchase-cough* WHY?!?


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Amber Marie said...

i'm sure you look very stylish. besides, if it is that bad just play up the whole, "i couldn't wait for halloween to wear my witch tights" thing :)

Ok, I'm definitely going to put that pumpkin cookie recipe in my to-do list for this weekend. It is finally not in the 90's today so I'm declaring it FALL!!

p.s. i'm super proud of jacob for making those cookies. i thought he had gotten a betty crocker mix for that. we will be expecting great dinners from you two come christmas tiiimmmee!! ;)