Tuesday, October 18, 2011

mormon celebrity sighting

while taking my lunch yesterday, i saw this mormon movie star stroll through temple square:

Albert from 17 Miracles! Jacob and I had only watched this movie the night before (sunday flick), so I was pretty starstruck--and frightened. I mean, the night before he was the inspiring lil' crippled pioneer who died on the trek to zion (spoiler!). Total heart-breaker. 18 hours later, as far as I could tell, he was still the inspiring lil' crippled pioneer who DIED on the trek to zion! At this time, the veil between reality and the magic of mormon film was very thin.

But in reality, he's just an employee who, like me, works at the church office building. And as I was staring at him with dropped jaw-- he was even nice enough to say "hi" to a dork like me.

Guys. Albert from 17 Miracles said "hi" to me.  :O!!!  Almost as cool as the time the Relief Society 1st Presidency visited the office. I'm just crossing my fingers for an apostle/prophet sighting before my internship is over. This place is a mormon celebrity hot-spot.

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becky+cade said...

so awesome!!!!!! i would have acted like a dork too, no worries. (you don't want to hear about the time i met ty pennington... total dork.)