Wednesday, October 12, 2011

squash lover

my baby blue hubbard squash.

Isn't it the cutest little squash you ever saw? I guess because I don't have babies yet, I dote on things like sugar pumpkins and colorful winter squash. Ask Jacob-- he has even seen me caressing and talking to them adoringly. kinda creepy, i know. Really though, something happens to me the moment October comes. I've got pumpkins dancing in my head; I crave the creamy, nutty flavor of butternut squash; I long to visit the farmer's market; and it takes everything inside of me not to buy a pumpkin smash smoothie every time I pass a jamba juice.

How could i refuse this precious little hubbard, with its cute name and bluish-gray skin? And not only is it cute, but it made a tasty tasty squash soup. I used this recipe. the flavor wasn't too different from the classic butternut (my favorite food when i was a kid), but I think hubbard has something more "pumpkin" about it. In fact, a farmer at the Provo farmer's market told me that they actually use a lot of hubbard squash for pumpkin foods because it is generally sweeter, but still has that "pumpkin" taste.

Along with my hubbard squash soup, this month I've made yellow squash, a tasty butternut pasta sauce, and stuffed golden zucchini. By the way, i highly recommend the farmer's market for your squash necessities. My zucchini was HUGE, cheap, delicious, and what? there's such thing as a GOLDEN zuchinni?! There is at the farmer's market! I also bought a little sugar pumpkin at the store the other day, and i'm trying to decide what the heck I should make with it. so many possibilities.

Okay, I really don't know if this is of interest to anyone. I'm no chef or food connoisseur-- i just really like squash. that's all.

p.s. let me know if you have any good recipes I should try!


Amanda Marie said...

Okay I have a secret obsession with squash and this post spoke to me.

I currently have a mini pumpkin taped to my dashboard because it's so adorable.

leean robinson said...

My son must be in heaven to have a wife who can cook and have a quite a variety of menus! Can't wait to try your new squash recipe.