Wednesday, February 1, 2012

february is the new january

Let's be honest. January is probably the worst month ever to start new year's resolutions. you just got back from the holidaysand probably gained 5+ pounds. It's cold. the weather is miserable. you are sad that christmas is over. you are pretty much depressed. Why make yourself train for a marathon/become vegan/read a stack of books/etc, etc? (and by you, I mean me)

I have officially declared January my "regroup" month, and February the month when I start my goals for the new year. That means TODAY. So after a good month taking it easy/thoughtfully pondering how i might improve myself this year, these are the goals that I have decided are most important to me:

+ write in my journal every dayeven if it is only one sentence. my blog does not count.
+ since I didn't write in my journal last year, write a memoir of 2010  2011 leading up to my marriage
+ work out at least 3 times a week
+ attend the temple at least twice a month
+ reach financial goals by sticking to our budget plan
+ develop my talents and share them more often
+ act on good thoughtsthis one isn't really measurable, but it is something I want to focus on this year
+ make the rest of our "first year of marriage" the very best it can be. AKA Carpe Diem for newlywedsagain, not so measurable. But a worthy goal, yes?

Ummm... and that's it for now. Nothin too crazy. I'm feeling pretty confident about accomplishing these in 2012.

Wish me luck.


Amber Marie said...

doable goals are the best and i like yours.

i wish you had told me january was regroup month because i have stressed all month trying to think of goals and now it is february and i don't feel regrouped or ready to make goals! :) i'm all for starting goals at random times. good luck with yours!!

Chad and Whitney said...

good luck to you! I like your picture the photographer is really good!

Anonymous said...
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