Tuesday, February 14, 2012

weird valentine

I saw this on a friend's blog a long time ago, 
and suddenly everything in my life made more sense...

This is probably the best explanation of mine and Jacob's relationship. Except, maybe I am being a little too liberal here. I am probably the one who is actually "weird." The only thing that makes Jacob weird is that he totally digs my weirdness. 

Anyone who has lived with me has seen glimpses of this weirdness, no doubt. Family, friends, past roommatesI feel sorry for you. You guys have put up with my quirks, aloofness, unusual humor, ability to go deaf, embarrassing dance moves, clumsiness, unconventional behaviorI need not elaborate. But poor Jacob has seen ALL of it. And somehow, with that golden heart of his, he still seems to like me. No wait. He LOVES me! What a guy.

But not so fast. I admit, Jacob can be weird too. But mysteriously, the more that weirdness is revealed to me, the more attractive, adorable, and irresistible he becomesit's kind of disgusting. And that magical thing that happens when our mutual weirdness expresses itself as love is nothing that anybody else should ever have to witness (i apologize to those who have witnessed it). Because yeah, it is just grossly-stupidly-sweetly-weird and will make you wanna pukeor at least we have been told. 

But for us, it is some kind of weird heaven.

Happy Valentines Day, Jacob!

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Jacob Robinson said...

Oh dear we are just weird enough for each other! And I love it! :) thanks for the post! I Love You!!!