Thursday, February 23, 2012

soul skaters

Classic Skating 2.10.12
we wore our party shirts and killed it in the rink.

And by "killed it," i should probably say that i almost killed myself. 
I am pretty sure that I should not be allowed to have wheels attached to my feet. 
I only fell six times, and came home with some bruisy battle scars.

Jacob, on the other hand, glided round the rink with ease.
I was truly impressed (and mildly jealous) of his moves.
This is one of the few activities where he is profoundly more graceful than I am. 

We had so much fun dancing and skating that we bought roller blades at D.I. the very next day.
Jacob is kindly giving me some skating lessons. 

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emilymcb said...

My friend went classic skating in January and broke his leg so bad that he was in the hospital for five days! I always knew I had a reason to be scared of roller skates!