Friday, February 17, 2012

love day

Because Jacob had a test on tuesday and we wanted to be original, we decided to celebrate our valentine's yesterday, which also happened to be the day marking our six months of marriage. I know six months isn't that impressive, but hey, we thought it was a cool idea. Jacob also put me in charge of planning the celebration, and this is what I came up with. 

I tried to pull together some kind of exotic, asian theme. how did i do?

 Of course all of this was very last minute for me, but I worked with what I had. I decorated the room with colorful lights, candles, and batik tapestries from Bali to set the romantic ambience. I also threw on my chinese robe just for fun.

It was really fun to see Jacob's reaction to everything. I guess I have never really done anything like this for him before. When we were dating, he always did all the romantic stuff. so it was fun treating him to a romantic night and making him feel all special and stuff. He was so giddy and speechless. Oh yeah, and I made him put on his robe too!

I wish I had taken more pics of the meal. I ordered some tasty food from a nearby thai restaurant, and it was good stuff. We had pork satays, masaman curry, and something called a beef waterfall. I had no idea what it wasI mostly ordered it because the name sounded so cool. It was all very tasty though. 

my neck pillow kinda looks like a toilet seat. it's not a toilet seat. 

My presents! To my surprise Jacob brought me home some lovely flowers and a new neck pillow! I know that probably doesn't sound romantic to most people, but if you commuted from Provo to Salt Lake every day, you would understand the love in this gift. I was heartbroken when I mysteriously lost my last neck pillow. Now I will be able to sleep peacefully on the bus every morning!

We love each other every day, but it was really fun to celebrate that love for the first time as a married couple. And it was a fun experience to take the lead with all the romantic stuff. He sure deserves it.


Amber Marie said...

what a fun valentines you guys had. i loved your last post on marriage. i feel the same. life takes on so much more meaning when you are always thinking about someone else and how to make them happier. it is a good life :)

also, your bbq pizza sounds delish. ryan loves making pizzas on tortillas. i still prefer the whole wheat pita bread we have always used but he is pretty much a tortilla pizza fan now. hooray for quick dinners!!

K said...

I didn't know you were a fellow UTA connoisseur. We can officially be friends ;). Joshua and I have done that Provo to SLC ride too many times to count. Riding UTA is like entering a different country in Utah.

Chad and Whitney said...

I love that you guys are nerds and adorable all at the same time!