Friday, February 3, 2012

arches nat'l

Over MLK weekend, some friends invited us on a trip down to Moab to see the beautiful Arches National Park. It was a great time to get away from the bitter cold, to see the lovely sights in southern Utah, and hang with some of our single friends. I'm glad they thought inviting the dorky married couple was a good idea. It made us feel young and cool again. 

this view was absolutely striking.

the balanced rock

jacob is in his element out here. he loves these kinds of adventures. 

finding my center

 don't give up jakey! you can climb on that ledge! it took awhile, but he made it. 

the delicate arch

hugging the arch.

I finally feel justified for having my utah arches license plate!

the arches gang.

This was my first time down to Arches, and it was well worth the trip. and heck, the drive is only like 3 1/2 hoursnot that far. Why haven't I been down here before? park entrance was FREE because it was MLK day. plus, the motels are super super cheap during the winter time and the park is much less populated. you'll inevitably run into a few korean tourists, but that's about it. 

After weeks on end of work, school, being cooped up inside our warm house, and all the mundanity of day-to-day lifeit was pretty refreshing to just go outside and PLAY. not to mention, in one of the coolest parks in Utah. 

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leean robinson said...

What a fun get away. I don't think I have ever been down there either. You and Jacob take great pictures. Much better than his mom.