Tuesday, March 6, 2012

B&J Challenge: americone dream

Last night, Jacob and I appropriately watched The Colbert Report while eating 'Americone Dream,' Stephen Colbert's Ben & Jerry's flavor.

Amidst Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon's ice cream war, we've decided to take the challenge of deciding which TVs host's ice cream flavor is betterso it's Stephen vs. Jimmy in the Robinson home. I was a little sad that we didn't get the limited edition "Superpack" lid, but the vanilla ice cream with fudge-covered waffle cone pieces and a caramel swirl did not disappoint. Still, somehow I think that eating the ice cream while watching the Report may have slightly enhanced the flavor.

Next we take on Jimmy Fallon's 'Late Night Snack,' and decide the winner of the challenge. Stay tuned.


Amber Marie said...

did you guys see colbert on fallon when colbert jumped out of the ice cream tub? it was pretty funny. just on the ingredients alone i'm going to guess colbert's is better.

i'm dying to hear the outcome! :)

Chase & Tricia said...

What is the late night snack?

Megan said...

We've had the Late Night Snack and it's weird. It has chocolate covered corn chips...? But besides that I like it. I'll need to try Colbert's now.