Monday, March 19, 2012

B&J Challenge: jimmy fallon's late night snack

 Behold! Vanillia bean ice cream with chocolate-covered potato chip clusters in a salted caramel swirl!!!

Americone Dream was better.

Even Jacob, who is the "Sultan of Salt," thought the saltiness of the potato chip clusters juxtaposed with all the ice cream sweetness was a little unsavory. Buuuuut, we still guzzled down the whole pint while watching War Horse at the dollar theater. So I guess it wasn't that terrible, or we were just eating our feelings while watching the heart-wrenching film about a horse that goes to war. Horse movies. they always get me.

Either way, Stephen still wins this challenge hands down! Americone Dream = CHAMPION.


K said...

YES! Stephen!

Chad and Whitney said...

I like SALT but that ice cream sounds gross!

becky+cade said...

i just read your post yesterday about americone dream- glad i didn't have to wait too long to hear the verdict! (: americone dream sounds better to me too.