Tuesday, March 20, 2012

RIP Spring Break

eating lunch with jacob on campus really brought me back to our dating/student days for me.
oh the days of my youth!

Last week was beautiful.

I slept in every day. And by slept in, I mean that I woke up at 8 instead of 5:30 every morning. I did yoga. I did p90x. I ate a good breakfast. I took long showers. I blasted music through the house. I laid out in the backyard and enjoyed the sunlight. (Yes, the sun actually came out last week and it was WARM.) I ate curry for lunch almost every day. I made homemade pizza. I played my guitar. I sang around the house. I went to the temple. I shot some hoops with Jacob. I read books. I cleaned the house. I organized stuff. I changed my name on my social security card. I ran errands. I watched stuff on on Netflix. I went shopping with friends. I got my hair done. I rode my bike to campus. I ate lunch with Jacob. I took naps. I didn't ride the bus!

I DID WHATEVER I FELT LIKE DOING WHEN I FELT LIKE DOING IT. It was kind of awesome. But now it is back to work and real life. Back to the bus and waking up early and being an adult. *huff!* But real life isn't so bad. If it weren't for real life, Spring Break wouldn't be half as good.

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Amber Marie said...

hold on- first: you got your hair done?! what did you decide?
second: i'm shocked at the ice cream outcome...just shocked.