Thursday, March 29, 2012

preach my rockspel

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that my little brother, Sky, would be getting his mission call soon. In case, you were wondering, he has been called to serve in the West Indies mission and will be speaking English.

I used my amateur photoshop skills to immortalize sky's mission call. I call it, "Preach my Rockspel."
He seriously looks like a saint or somethin.

If you don't know where the West Indies is (no one in my family seemed to know), it is comprised of several islands in the CaribbeanTrinidad, Tobago, and a bunch of other islands that I had never heard of before. The fam and I are incredibly excited for him. He is gonna make a superb missionary.

for those about to rock preach, I salute you. 

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leean robinson said...

Cool picture. Your entries always make me laugh. Good luck with the new job. Although I'm not sure how hard you are working with the "peep show" kind of activities going on.