Tuesday, March 13, 2012

spring break pizza

taking the week off allows me to spend my time doing things that i usually don't have time for, 
like making homemade pizza.
 I'm pretty sure Jacob never wants me to go back to work.


does anyone out there have any good recipes for pizza sauce?? 
are baking stones highly recommended for pizza-baking? 
I so want to become pro at this someday.


Afton LeSueur said...

that is a beautiful pizza!

Becky Hayes. said...

katie hatch stewart has the best pizza sauce recipe in the world. ask her for it!

Amber Marie said...

if you do get a great pizza sauce recipe, let me know. we always use Newman's Own Marinara sauce. i have a baking stone and do not like using it. I turn my cookie sheet over and spray it and sprinkle corn meal on it. has worked great for us so far.

tell jacob you will have plenty of time to cook for him in the years to come :)

Emelro said...

i have a baking stone and it is just more annoying than anything...for me at least. i use a pizza pan and cornmeal :) we'll have you guys over soon for pizzaaaa!