Friday, March 9, 2012

last day

After eight months, why hasn't waking up at 5:00/5:30 every morning EVER gotten easier?

At least I went to bed early and almost got a full eight hours of sleep. At least I have a husband to help me get my act out of bed every morningand even tolerates my pushing of the 'snooze' button a few times. At least he'll pack me a lunch and drive me to the bus stop (in his robe) if I am running late. At least I can sleep for a good hour on the 801 express. At least the guy sitting next to me didn't talk loudly on his phone the whole ride like that other guy did yesterday. At least I have a blanket and a soft neck pillow to cuddle up to. At least it is a little bit lighter and warmer in the morning than it used to be. At least spring is coming. At least this is my last day, though it is a bit saddening. At least my co-workers threw me a chips 'n salsa party at work. At least I will probably treat myself to some graham canyon ice cream in the COB cafeteria. At least I'll be taking a whole week off before I start my new internship (Spring Break?). At least I have a new internship to startone that I am excited about.

The new job will still require me to wake up early AND commute, which is undeniably challenging,

 but heyAT LEAST.


Chase & Tricia said...

Way to go at your new internship/job!

leean robinson said...

Have fun with your week of relaxation or at least a week of "do what you want". But keep up the blogging. It always makes me smile and laugh. And we have "Andre" in our movie collection too.