Wednesday, March 7, 2012

curry in a hurry

Lately, I have rekindled an old loveThai curry. However, this relationship status has always been a bit complicated for two reasons: 1) Thai restaurants are a bit pricey  2) It never tastes as good when you try to make it. These unfortunate facts can turn love into miserybasically, I can't inhale delicious curry whenever I feel like it.

Luckily, I have found a remedy to take the edge off. Enter Mae Ploy curry paste. 

I am pretty sure that this is the best curry paste I have yet tried. So much better than the high-marketed asian brand products at the grocery store. And much better value too. One of these little jars will go a long, long way. I've especially been loving the massaman flavor.

And this can surprisingly be a very quick mealthrow some rice in the cooker, fry up the chicken and onions, nuke the potatoes in the microwave, add the coconut milk and curry paste and whatever into the mix*and you got it. Curry in a hurry. 

*it should be noted that I don't really follow the label instructions for making the curry, but it always seems to work out. what can i say? i just do my own thang. 


Afton LeSueur said...

OMG, my favorite meal ever to make is curry chicken pot pie! You make the filling with chicken, sweet potatoes, peas, cilantro, red onions and curry sauce, and then put it in a pie dish and cover with pastry dough and bake it! So good!

Amber Marie said...

dude, i have this in my fridge! but we didn't really like it. which one do you get?