Monday, April 1, 2013

36 weeks

Only one more week and I'm considered FULL TERM.
I always thought 9 months of pregnancy sounded like an eternity, but it has flown by so so fast.

A few updates:

We are planning to move to Austin, TX at the end of May. Jacob scored a summer job with a cool engineering company there, and we will be returning to Provo in the Fall so he can start his Master's at BYU.

As excited as I am about this, I'll admit I'm dealing with some anxiety about moving with a newborn. Feel free to assure me (*cough cough* LIE TO ME *cough*) that this will be easy and not stressful at all. Also, I'd appreciate any moving tips. Would it be easier to fly or drive to Texas with a one-month-old?

Trying to find apartments that offer 3-month leases is annoyyyiiinnnnggg. Hopefully we'll pin one down this week.

There's still so much I need to do before this little one gets here! At the same time, I'm hoping she'll arrive sooner than later. I think she might appreciate a little bit of time to get used to life outside the womb before we take her on a long journey to the "lone star" state.

This clip pretty much sums up my feelings about getting dressed to go anywhere lately. BUT WHAT WOULD I WEAR!? Stupid... ugly... out-of-date! That's it. I'm not going.

My biggest pregnancy woe these past few days is that my belly has been so itchy it's stoopid. Coconut oil has been a soothing remedy for this, and the tropical smell makes me feel like I'm at the beach. It's also handy to have a husband who is willing to be your personal itchy-belly masseuse.

Baby, could you please just tell me when you're getting here? Even just a clue? Pleeeeaasssse?


Afton LeSueur said...

I'm not going to lie, I thought moving with a newborn was really hard, but the good news is, you can do it! The other good news is, the baby won't mind a bit! Nothing rocks their world when they are that little. They just sleep through it all!

Alison Arntsen said...

yay austin!!! congrats! one of my good friends here is also moving to austin for the summer. so you guys can be friends.

Amber Marie said...

it will feel overwhelming but you will be fine. a good thing about newborns is that they sleep quite a bit and are not bothered by light or sound yet.

we can't wait to have you all a little bit closer to us :)

love that beautiful full-term profile! get here soon little niece!!

Angela D said...

I'm not sure which would be better - driving or flying. With driving you'd have to pull over a lot to feed her unless you pumped or had bottles ready before. I know babies have a hard time on planes because they don't know how to pop their ears. To solve this, nurse her on the flight. It probably isn't that long, so you can feed her during takeoff and landing (the ear-adjustment parts) and she'll probably sleep in between. I'd probably pick flying unless you're in no hurry and it costs a lot less to drive.

As far as moving goes... :( :( But definitely let me know when to come help pack/hold baby girl if you need it.