Friday, April 5, 2013

pregnant portrait

my good friend, amy, crashed at our place for awhile while moving/finding an apartment here in Utah.
she drew this portrait of me on our whiteboard.
this is one of the many reasons that i love her.

also, she brought me some slab pizza and shared her giant bag of *cadbury eggs.
oh yeah, and she left some amaaazing hagen dazs caramel cone ice cream in the freezer (for the baby, obviously).
amy sure knows how to be a friend to a pregnant woman.

amy, you have set a high bar for future house guests.
you may return and sleep on our air mattress whenever you desirejust don't forget to bring the goods!

*MOST ADDICTING CANDY EVER. but i've decided that there's a negative correlation between the number of eggs one eats and one's self-esteem. meaning, i'm suffering bad right now/perhaps having an existential crisis... WHO AM I?? WHAT AM I?!? *reaching for more sugar-coated chocolate eggs and stuffing them in face*

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