Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Due Date

Somebody doesn't seem to remember that her due date is TODAY...

the last link of the 40-week chain.

Well, I guess she still has a few hours to decide if today is the day, but we won't be mad if she takes a little bit more time. Papa bear is still getting over his flu/food poisoning nastiness, after all. We want the whole fam to be in top-notch condition for the big event, right?

These next days of waiting should be nice and relaxing though. After finals + baby preparations + graduation + lots of friends/family/visitorsit's nice to finally just kick back with Jacob and do NOTHING. A day or two to recuperate from the busyness this past month has been should be healthy for the both of us.

Well, I'm running out of material here, so how about more pictures, eh?

Still so obsessed with decorating onesies.
Jacob made the one with the white elephant.
I'm pretty proud of my unicornwell, it was merely a horse, but then I made it a unicorn. 
Why not, right?

I've totally been rocking the husband shirts. Why are all my clothes shrinking?

yes, the paparazzi caught me again. and yes, i brush my teeth with my eyes closed

if i had had the baby on the mountain, we so could've done the Lion King pose.

Well Baby.
Whether you're born or not,
Happy Due Date.

but really. get here soon.


Amber Marie said...

well if you are going to go past your due date you might as well do it looking like pregnancy perfection- which you do!

enjoy these last days and hours ALONE :)

Hailee and Dallin Tavoian said...

Holli you are my hero. You are such a stunning prego mama, I'm so excited to meet her!

Alison Arntsen said...

get ready for the best day of your life! i can't wait to meet baby!