Monday, April 8, 2013

37 weeks: FULL TERM

I hiked the Y with these goofy ladies on Saturday. Okay okay... so I didn't get too far, but it was still decent exercise for someone in my current state of gestation, right? It felt sooo nice to get out and hike in the fresh mountain air. I honestly didn't want to turn back, but Jacob (not pictured) had to go to Priesthood session of Conference and I knew I couldn't keep up with the rest of the non-pregnant crew. Still, I'd like to go back and see if I can hike a little further. 

You guys. Today I am FULL TERM. I honestly feel like I still have some time ahead of me, but I'm wrapping my head around the idea that anything from this point on is free game. Baby Robinson can come any time she feels ready to do so.

Two big things I still need to do before she gets here 1) write my birth plan.  2) pack a hospital bag. I think once I get these two tasks out of the way, I'll feel more at ease and ready to face whatever comes. These are my goals for this week.

Any tips from wise, experienced mothers on both of these tasks? What are some "must-haves" that I should pack for the hospital? Is there a proper way to write a birth plan? I mean, I can write a good resume, cover letter, and pretty decent essays, etc. But a BIRTH PLAN? Why didn't they teach me this in college?


Amber Marie said...

haha, they should teach that in college. they should teach a lot of things in college...

i was SHOCKED when i saw this picture thinking you had gone all the way up. there was a girl in my ward in provo who hiked the Y full term. what a show-off ;)

does your hypnobirthing course not come with a birth plan outline? one suggestion from my hypnobabies packet is to butter up the nurses right when you get there by bringing them some snacks. i haven't done it with my hospital births but it sounds like a good idea! Out of my 3 births I've only been "prepared" with a bag for one of them and I didn't use any of the stuff I brought except for a change of clothes. So I don't have a lot of advice.

Keep up the good work mama :)

Afton LeSueur said...

chapstick! I was so glad I brought some in my hospital bag.

leean robinson said...

I know I should have some wise advice for you having had 6 children, but it seems each one was so different. And it kind of depends how long you are staying at the hospital as to what kind of bag to pack. Also if you have a private room or a shared room. And I have never heard of a birth plan. I thought the "plan" was to get that baby out as efficiently and quickly as possible, haha. Good luck.

Amy said...

birth plan:

1. have baby.

...that's all i got.

Megan said...

i remember asking my doctor about a birth plan and he said that you can definitely have down requests you want like if you want your husband to cut the cord or you want to nurse right away, etc. but to be prepared that sometimes not everything will go according to plan so don't get your heart set on it. i thought that was wise and that's what we basically did. we told them we wanted certain things and got them but were also just prepared to go with the flow and listen to what the doctor and nurses told us since we obviously didn't know anything about having babies, ha. :) good luck!!

and i was totally shocked too that you hiked at full-term! i basically felt like i was dying after 20 weeks so... power to you!