Thursday, April 18, 2013


Another embarrassing pic taken by Jacob for your viewing pleasure:

Up until a few days ago, I was feeling pretty good about my track record as a pregnant woman at 38 weeks. Pregnancy? It ain't no thang. I was calm, cool, and confident. Some ladies can't hangbut I was handling it all (as Kid President would say) "LIKE A BOSS!"

Two more weeks to go. What's the worst that could happen? I'm basically invincible, right?

And Theeennnn... I threw out my back. Even worse, while CLEANING. Yes, after all my efforts to stay physically active (exercise, stretch, hike, prenatal yoga, etc.), I somehow destroyed my back while picking up around the house. While being a GOOD WIFE for goodness sake! Guess I'm no invincible mama after all.

For a good 48 hours, I could barely walk or even stand up straight. I was hunched over like an old lady and even tempted to use a cane. A walker sounded dreamy. Admittedly, these were some discouraging 48 hours. I felt pretty uselessalthough I did decorate some more onesies and had a fantastic time watching every episode of Call the Midwife on Netflix (or "Midwife Abbey" as Jacob calls it). But I was mostly pretty useless. I was also praying that Baby Robinson wouldn't be coming any time soon. I didn't want her to arrive while her mama was so weak and disabled.

Then a genius idea occurred to me: I should see a chiropractor. (DUH.) Long-story-short, Mr. Chiropractor fixed me up real good and adjusted my backLIKE A BOSS. Apparently, my sacroiliac joint was stuck forward, which explains the "old lady" posture. Who knew?!

I'm still not exactly sure why I am blogging about this, but I think the moral of the story is that I'm not an invincible pregnant woman. *Pride being swallowed* All these months, when people tried to do things for me I would tell them, "Oh come on. I'm pregnant, not disabled!" And that was true, but I found out that I'm a little more fragile than I knew. Lesson learned.

Still, I condition this "moral" with the following:


But I'm still a BRICK HOUSE.


I had the doc "check" me for the first time today. It doesn't seem like Baby is any hurry, and I'm cool with that. 1 cm though. Whatever that information is worth.


Seriously. Thank heavens for chiropractors. I honestly wanted to hug that man so badly, but I got the feeling he just wanted me to take my ice pack and leave. Dude, can I at least brush that dirt off your shoulder? What a Bad-A.


Kayla said...

We were ADDICTED to Call the Midwife. Love that show. We also watched it right before our bebe was born.

Amy said...

jacob is too tall!!! he needs to get down lower when he takes awkward pictures of you so we can get a more normal view.

i still think you're invicible. don't worry, throwing out your back doesn't hurt your chances of making space jam.

Amy said...

aaaand i spelled invincible wrong, so i will NOT be making space jam.

Nancy said...

Going to a chiropractor was actually part of my pre-delivery ritual for my babies. It just made sense and I think it helped! Sorry you had the reason you did to go to the chiropractor but you might have stumbled upon something helpful for delivery too!

Alison Arntsen said...

yay! For call the midwife and chiropractors! You should think about going to one after baby to help realign all the wild things that can happen after labor. They adjust newborns too since labor isn't a picnic for them either. The one I went to did a newborn adjustment on Els for freeeeee


Alison Arntsen said...

*happen during labor that is

Amber Marie said...

hooray for chiropractors! i feel for you. i threw out my back when camilla was about 8 months old and endured a very long, terrible airplane flight soon after. another story for another time. so glad you are feeling better.

that picture is the greatest. keep them coming jacob!

and also, i know people are starting to say these things to you but my sister in law has gone into labor multiple times after having a pedicure (something to do with the foot massage).

i'm on pins and needles too for this baby to come! you will have so much fun giving birth :)