Friday, April 5, 2013


 I'm not blue.
It's just great rainy day music.

"Little Girl Blue," Janis Joplin live (1969)

Pretty amazing that she was already considered "legendary" by the age of 27.
I've got 2 years and not much hope of achieving legend status by then. Or ever.
But maybe I'll take a long, fruitful life over being a legend.
As long as I can still enjoy the music.

Here's the studio version:

p.s. I'm pretty good at imitating her raspy "oooh" that she does throughout the song (quintessentially at 2:50 in the above video). Jacob really enjoys this. I mostly do it to get a reaction out of himotherwise, I think it's just destroying my vocal chords.

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Miriam Hermansen said...

I'm going to introduce myself instead of stalking your blog. My name is Miriam. I met your brother in law, Nathan, at BYU, then I was in the same ward as your sister in law, Amber when we were newlyweds in Orem. Also, your cousin-in-law, Tara, is the only girl I give the title "Best Friend" to. And in my boredom today, I totally stalked your blog and saw your sweet baby Rose and I thought, "well, good for her!" and, "i love the name rose!" BUT THEN you posted JANIS JOPLIN videos and I couldn't keep silent. YOU KNOW WHO JANIS JOPLIN IS? What an amazingly cool person you must be. and now i'm introducing myself. because one janis joplin fan under the age of 30 must always introduce herself to another janis joplin fan under the age of 30. there are not a lot of us.

so, congratulations on your sweet little rosebud and your new mommyhood and your excellent taste in music and your really great family members!

you're off to a great start.